How Can I Find a Plant-Based Doctor?

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Plant-based doctorOne of the most common questions I get from those who’ve adopted a plant-based lifestyle is, “How can I find a plant-based doctor?”

Many who adopt a whole foods, plant-based (WFPB) diet do so for their health. They realize the food they put in their mouth has a profound effect on their overall health, be it good or bad, depending on what they eat. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, autoimmune diseases, and so many more chronic illnesses are due, in large part, to our dietary choices.

The problem many of us WFPB dieters run into once we’ve made this connection between health and nutrition is finding a healthcare provider(s) that is familiar with our new way of eating and living. In fact, many physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have never even heard of a WFPB diet and lifestyle. If they haven’t heard of it, they are likely to be skeptical just as anybody else in their position. I know, because I was one of these healthcare professionals not so long ago.

Importance of Working Together With a Knowledgeable Healthcare Provider

Making the WFPB switch is going to require a knowledgeable healthcare provider to help you along the way as your body changes. Many people will need their medications reduced or eliminated and their progress monitored as they progress. Don’t do this on your own! Only a physician can help you change your medication regimen. Your doctor will also likely run blood tests and do physical exams to mark your progress as time goes on.

As a pharmacist, I can tell you there are some medications that cannot be stopped cold turkey. Doing so may cause harm to the body, possibly even leading to fatal mistakes. By finding a doctor who is, at the very least, open minded to your new lifestyle, you can avoid any undue harm from attempting to self-medicate.

Be honest with your provider and tell them your goal is to get healthier and even reduce your medications if possible. They don’t need to understand every single detail of your WFPB eating plan, but they do need to know you’re working really hard to eat better and get healthy. That way they know your medications will need to be monitored a little more closely.

Also know that you have to earn your health. Nobody is entitled to excellent health just because they wake up in the morning. Straight A’s on your health report card aren’t going to happen overnight. It will take some time to get the results you’re looking for, but they will come if you stay the course. Soon you can be proud of all your achievements and celebrate them as they occur, but you need to find a qualified coach (i.e. physician) to get you there.

How Can I Find a Plant-Based Doctor?

How to find a plant-based doctorThe question remains: “How find a plant-based doctor?” They seem few and far between, but the good news is more and more of these physicians are popping up all the time. As the benefits of the WFPB lifestyle spread, doctors are taking notice and jumping in with renewed vigor. That’s great news for you!

With that being said, here are a few searchable databases to help you get started in your search for a plant-based doctor:


I hope this helps. I want nothing more than you to be able to find a plant-based physician in your area. If you can’t though, don’t despair. Instead, try searching for a local physician who is A) a good listener and B) has some realization that nutrition is important to overall health. With healthcare review sites and patient comments abounding on the internet as well as physician websites available for most doctor practices, you should be able to find a few physicians who meet these criteria.

Even if you find a physician who doesn’t have the experience and in depth knowledge of a WFPB diet and lifestyle, you can still work with someone who is willing to listen and be open minded. Maybe you’ll even be a shining example of how well a WFPB diet actually works as they see you change for the better right in front of their eyes.

Be well and happy doctor hunting!

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  1. This is a great reference! I am a nurse and know that most doctors and nurses are just as confused about nutrition and diets as anyone else. I am always encouraged when I see patients who want to be plant-based. There are too many people out there confused about diet and nutrition. They need to have a reliabe health care professional to help them sort through all the muck and change to a permanent life style that promotes health, healing, and a cruetly-free way of life.

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