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The Empty Medicine Cabinet: The Pharmacist's Guide to the
Hidden Danger of Drugs and the Healing Powers of Food
by Dustin Rudolph, PharmD

While pharmaceutical companies rake in billions, the health of a nation continues to decline rapidly, leaving patients and physicians searching for answers in all the wrong places. The Empty Medicine Cabinet: The Pharmacist’s Guide to the Hidden Danger of Drugs and the Healing Powers of Food wastes no time in explaining why this is so, offering solutions that target the cause of disease rather than the symptoms of poor health.

Like most healthcare professionals, Dustin Rudolph, PharmD, entered the field of medicine with one goal in mind—to help his patients get healthy. As a pharmacist, Dr. Rudolph believed the best way to accomplish this was through pills, procedures, and surgeries. Boy, was he wrong! His story, life experiences, and professional expertise serve as the foundation for this book.

The business model of a profit-based healthcare system is exposed, resulting in a steady stream of chronically sick, lifelong customers. Rudolph offers a cost-free, side-effect-free solution rooted in the discipline of lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition. Backed by an array of scientific studies, readers hear the truth in The Empty Medicine Cabinet.

Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, autoimmune diseases, and much more are discussed at length in part one. Part two presents the facts on using food as medicine. Many long-held beliefs in nutrition and health are called into question, answered emphatically and factually in simple, easy-to-understand layman’s terms of the complex science behind it all. A surprising, yet accurate, review of the scientific literature is also undertaken on many popular, over-the-counter supplements taken by many in today’s society.

With a total of 50 mouthwatering, flavor-filled recipes included, The Empty Medicine Cabinet is one prescription you don’t want to miss out on! It delivers the answers you’ve been looking for and the results to back it up.



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Inside The Empty Medicine Cabinet, You'll Learn the Secrets to:

  • Experiencing long-term weight loss
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Eliminating or reducing your medications
  • Preventing and reversing Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease
  • Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Reducing your cancer risk
  • Maintaining strong, healthy bones
  • Avoiding kidney disease
  • Wiping out arthritis pain
  • Improving and preserving brain health
  • And much more…



Praise for The Empty Medicine Cabinet:

“This wonderful book shows you that the most powerful medicines are on your plate. The foods you eat every day have the power to prevent illness and to even reverse it. This book will be your guide to unlocking this power. And all the “side effects” are good ones: Easy weight loss, lower cholesterol, and a longer life.”

—Neal Barnard, MD, President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Author of Power Foods for the Brain

“Do you want to take charge of your health? Read this outstanding book and learn how to take advantage of the enormous healing powers of excellent nutrition. Your body will thank you for the rest of your life.”

—John Robbins, President of The Food Revolution Network and Author of Diet for a New AmericaThe Food Revolution, and many other best-sellers

“This book is unique in that Dustin Rudolph offers a pharmacist’s perspective and experience—working with doctors, many of whom over-prescribe medicines that provide little benefit to most patients. His story, experiences, and the stories of others he includes in his book are great examples of how a plant-based diet can turn even an extremely ill person’s life around. The book proves that almost everyone benefits from adopting a plant-based diet, and health improvement is faster and better than with drug treatment.”

—Pamela A. Popper, PhD, ND, Executive Director of The Wellness Forum and Author of Food Over Medicine

“Dustin Rudolph provides an empowering exploration of pharm versus food from the unique perspective of a Doctor of Pharmacy, and an expert in nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Informative, inspiring, and insightful, The Empty Medicine Cabinet is a must-read.”

—Brenda Davis, RD, Author of Becoming Vegan, Express Addition: The Everyday Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition

“Dustin Rudolph is a renegade pharmacist who knows from experience that health can’t be ordered from a prescription pad. Instead, he’s given us an engaging and accessible guide to a scientifically proven way of eating and living that hedges our bets against disease—and does it deliciously.”

—Victoria Moran, Author of Main Street Vegan

“Instead of being a pharmacist pushing pills, Dustin is a “farm assist” pushing plants. Most people are illiterate when it comes to the power of a whole foods, plant-based diet to prevent, halt, and even reverse the majority of chronic Western disease. Read this compellingly clear and concise book from a perspective we’ve never seen before and become literate and take back your health!”

—Rip Esselstyn, Author of The Engine 2 Diet and My Beef with Meat

“Learn how to take charge of your own health—from an industry insider who has learned that our outrageously ineffective healthcare system is really a ‘disease management’ system. A man of great integrity, this enlightened Doctor of Pharmacy teaches his patients how to eliminate their pills.”

—J. Morris Hicks, Author of Healthy Eating, Healthy World

“Just imagine, a book by a pharmacist who dares to tell the truth about prescription drugs! A major highlight among many was an explanation of the mismanagement of type 2 diabetes. It’s not just the wrong diet, it’s not just insulin resistance, it’s another factor that no one else will tell you about—because they don’t know! But, bottom line, a complete reversal! With each chapter and each case history, I’m cheering as I read along. This guy’s got it right! My biggest fear is that it won’t be read by those so closed-minded that they won’t even entertain the possibility of ‘an empty medicine cabinet.’ Don’t you dare be one of those!”

—Ruth Heidrich, PhD, Ironman Triathlete and Author of A Race for LifeSenior Fitness, and Lifelong Running

“After an “undercover” decade and a half in the world of prescription drugs, renegade plant-based pharmacist Dustin Rudolph reveals the truth about the pills we pop every day: they’re expensive, often ineffective, and largely unnecessary. In a friendly and conversational style, Rudolph shares the science that Big Pharma spends millions trying to discredit. That simple everyday foods can heal more quickly, profoundly, and broadly than any pill. Read The Empty Medicine Cabinet immediately, and buy a copy for your doctor and pharmacist while you’re at it. This revolutionary, common-sense information can save thousands of lives a year.”

—Howard Jacobson, PhD, Contributing author to WHOLE: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

“Dustin Rudolph has compiled a deeply informed, definitive guide detailing the multiple health problems presented by our modern Western diet – and underscoring the simple solution: a whole foods, plant-based food plan. Reader-friendly and exhaustive, The Empty Medicine Cabinet has become a trusted resource on my reference bookshelf. Finally, a pharmacist you can trust.”

—Lani Muelrath, MA, Author of The Plant-Based Journey and Fit Quickies

“Who better than a pharmacist, deeply schooled in the complexities of the human body, to let you know the real story about treating illness symptoms with drugs vs. curing disease with diet? The Empty Medicine Cabinet is an easy-to-read yet in-depth review of what science has discovered about food and disease. You will discover dangers of medications that big drug companies don’t want you to know. Once you learn how to prevent and often reverse disease with simple lifestyle changes, you can boost your health and keep your dollars in your own wallet, not the health care industry’s bank account. This book goes on to give you many practical tips on starting and maintaining a plant-based diet, including delicious recipes for meals and snacks. Dustin Rudolph gives you all the facts you need with no sugar-coating, so you can regain the health that you deserve to enjoy.”

—Janice Stanger, PhD, Author of The Perfect Formula Diet



Book Reviews for The Empty Medicine Cabinet:

“Readers concerned about pharmaceuticals may appreciate Rudolph’s critiques of Big Pharma and Big Agriculture, as well as his call to take control of health and spend grocery dollars proactively.” – Read more

— Publishers Weekly

“Sharing stories of his childhood spent on his grandfather’s farm in Montana, these early influences, along with his medical training and professional experiences, provide Rudolph a unique perspective on the benefits of a natural lifestyle. The overall argument is counter to what most would expect from a pharmacist. Concerned about an overreliance on prescriptions, Rudolph makes an argument that is convincing because he is speaking from firsthand knowledge about what he sees as overuse.” – Read more

— Foreword Reviews

“Pharmacist Dustin Rudolph’s The Empty Medicine Cabinet is a straightforward, fact-based book which explains the positive benefits a plant-based diet can have on our health … the book is an easy read designed to help Americans get healthy through diet and finally empty the medicine cabinet.”

— Yummy Plants

 “Dustin Rudolph is a pharmacist who wants to see his patients regain their health and become free of medications … His book will show you a totally different approach to chronic illness – an approach that is not based on the pills, procedures, and surgery of conventional medicine … Dustin teaches you key guidelines for choosing the nutrient-dense foods that can heal chronic illness.”

— The Perfect Formula Diet

“This book by Dustin Rudolph, PharmD, lives up to it’s subtitle as “The Pharmacist’s Guide to the Hidden Danger of Drugs and the Healing Powers of Food”. Read this book to begin your journey towards emptying out your medicine cabinet while satisfying your appetite.”

— DrCarney.com

“We’ve read entire books, collection of books devoted to each of these topics, but Rudolph’s keen ability to rifle through what has been said, ad infinitum, and present only the logically deduced point is impressive.” – Read more

— STL Veg Girl

“This book grabs you by the shoulders and gently shakes that nonsense out of you. You do not have to be a slave to your illness. Many diseases can be reversed or stopped by making changes to your lifestyle.” – Read more

— My Plant-Based Family

“In The Empty Medicine Cabinet Dustin Rudolph presents a lifestyle plan that almost guarantees people will achieve health improvement by following principles he advocates. His prescription is a whole-food, plant based journey that will decrease the need for medications recommended by his colleagues. He has created a healthy lifestyle handbook that should be embraced by people seeking positive health outcomes.” – Read more

— Vegetarians in Paradise

“Dustin’s work on his site made me confidant that his book would be a helpful addition to my plant-based library. The book does not disappoint. It is full of information based on the latest nutrition and pharmaceutical research.”

— Plantastic Life

“This book is a lifesaver. It’s full of important statistics, opinion, and recipes. I have even made some of them myself, and looked in the mirror at the proud reflection staring back.”

— Needy Helper

“Dustin Rudolph is an unconventional pharmacist who’s trying to improve our health by getting us to stop taking pills – the very pills that are making us feel even more miserable. Read about his uncovering of how the pharmaceutical industry tries to trick us and keep us sick, and how a different type of medicine – one that’s free – is all we need to be healthy.”

— Plant-Fueled Life

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