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Dustin brings a breadth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to his audiences as he shares his experiences from many years of practicing in the medical field as a clinical pharmacist. Dustin not only knows about conventional medicinal approaches to health and wellness, but also is truly unique in that he specializes in lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition. Dustin knows how to distribute the facts in a convincing and captivating way so that his audiences leave knowing they are empowered to not only change their health, but change their lives!

Engaging speaking topics include:

  • The Secrets to an Empty Medicine Cabinet (view presentation here)
    • Achieving optimal health is accomplished through proper nutritional choices, regular physical activity, and other positive lifestyle choices
    • An in depth look at the science behind common medications and diet is undertaken with three of the biggest chronic diseases affecting Western cultures – heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer
  • A Lifestyle Medicine Approach to Preventing and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
    • An overview of costs and medication use in the treatment of type 2 diabetes is discussed
    • The three primary factors involved in the root cause of type 2 diabetes are explained, along with using plant-based nutrition as an effective treatment option
  • Food For the Heart - Choosing Plants Over Pills
    • A brief overview of facts associated with heart disease are discussed
    • A detailed look at hypertension and atherosclerosis is undergone analyzing food vs. medicine in treating these conditions
  • Life is Full of Choices
    • An overview of America’s state of health, prescription use, and the cause and cure of the most common chronic diseases is discussed with an emphasis on using food as medicine to treat the world’s number one killer⎯cardiovascular disease
  • Debunking Common Diet and Nutrition Myths
    • Common nutritional myths involving the topics of protein and calcium intake, "lean meats", and "carbs are bad for you" are broken down and dispelled
  • Medication Management of Type 2 Diabetes
    • Understanding the side effects, effectiveness, and role of various diabetic medication classes in treating type 2 diabetes is discussed from a conventional medicine standpoint
  • Other – Dustin would be happy to create a powerpoint presentation to suit your audience’s needs and interests. His area of expertise includes chronic disease management through both medicinal and lifestyle medicine/diet approaches with a strong passion for whole foods, plant-based nutrition.

Dustin is the author of the highly-acclaimed book, The Empty Medicine Cabinet. He is an expert in nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and conventional medicine. Dustin is a nationally recognized speaker, and has presented for the McDougall Program, Vegetarian Society of Hawaii, American Medical Student Association, Tampa Bay Vegfest, Central Florida Vegfest, Florida Hospital, at local community events, corporate wellness forums, and for private groups.

Dustin has also been a featured guest on several radio and podcast shows including: Main Street Vegan Radio Show, The Dr. Don Show, The Fresh Cafe Radio Show, Hawk Health Hour Radio Show, and Plant Yourself Podcast Show. He has been interviewed for a wide range of subjects involved in both conventional and lifestyle medicine.

Dustin is a contributing blogger to as well as numerous other blogs. Dustin has contributed works to the newsletters of the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, Continental Resources, Inc., Florida Voices for Animals, and the Florida Hospital System.

If you would like to schedule Dustin for a speaking engagement or interview, please contact him here.



"I listened in to one of your webinars not too long ago and your message was a breath of fresh air. After spending 20 years in the medical field diagnosing disease my “journey” took me to prevention and education side of healthcare now trying to reach as many people possible. I have a great Vegan Thanksgiving Day recipe book that I would like to send if you would like it. I developed it for my students at The Academy of Plant Based Nutrition. Thank you for the great work you are doing!"
                —Carol D’Anca MS,LDN, CNS


"I am a Nutrition and Health Educator, Plant-Strong Cooking Instructor in Sarasota, Tampa and the SWFL areas. I hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, and I have worked together with Dustin Rudolph presenting nutrition workshops and seminars in various venues. Dustin is a professional of great integrity and a true leader in the area of plant-based nutrition. He has worked hard to study and collect important data to share with the community and fellow professionals about the ineffectiveness of our expensive healthcare system and provide evidence of how to use food as medicine. His book, The Empty Medicine Cabinet, is a great resource and guide with a unique perspective and life-saving information. Dustin is a wonderful presenter that engages the audience and motivates participants to take charge of their own health."
                —Evelisse Capó, PharmD


"I first met Dustin where he was a speaker at a plant-based cooking and instructional class several months ago. His talk at that class was clear, concise and was kept with a special focus on the listener that was new to the concepts he was presenting. I contacted him shortly thereafter and ask if he would speak at an informal gathering of a few dozen people that meet for a monthly plant-based dinner. Again, Dustin really delivered a talk that was informative, entertaining and tangible to the audience."
                 —Jim Griffin



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